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  1. 關于華力


    To the quality strives for the survival, to management for development, increase the reputation with service


    After-sales service commitment

    Our company to make a commitment to After-sales Service: 1, our company has a sound after-sales team, can ensure that the demand side reflects the quality of information in a timely manner. 2, failure, we received the maintenance notice, the after-sales personnel can arrive at the site within 12 hours and start maintenance. In the process of our service work, we will strictly implement the relevant laws and regulations of Party A, respect and implement party a"s opinions, safeguard party a"s interests, strictly control quality, and provide quality service to party a as our work goal. 4, my unit in order to think about what party a think, Urgent Party a urgent. Work closely with Party A in the project service process, provide the whole process, * * * Services at any time and anywhere, to ensure the smooth progress of the work. 5, the company is a strict management system of the team, after-sales management continues to improve, forming a unique service model. Regular after-sales training, so that the staff have independent installation and maintenance and fault handling capacity to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition. Reception process shall not neglect customers, for each call, visit, The Adjuster personnel to the scene, after-sales service department should be recorded in detail, fill out the relevant registration form, according to the rules and division of Labor transferred to the relevant departments and personnel for processing. Emergency should be reported in a timely manner, to ensure that * * Time to deal with. The company will serve as a commodity trading principle, fairness, justice, integrity, the interests of customers in the first place, to provide customers with quality services. After-sales contact: Manager Zhang 18746665136, manager Liu 15045898598 failure, we received the maintenance notice, after-sales personnel can arrive at the scene within 12 hours and START MAINTENANCE


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