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    Ssl-c torque limiter (black box)

    The torque limiter, also known as the black box, USES MS51 microcomputer as the core control, modular structure, full keystroke operation, LCD display. It has the features of high precision, stable performance, reliable work, easy installation and debugging, etc., and the functions of digital display, sound light alarm, power failure protection etc. Crane at work, according to the actual situation and the constantly changing conditions for lifting operation, such as change the lifting Angle (amplitude), the lifting arm length, etc., and under different operating conditions can the maximum rated lifting weight and the maximum and minimum amplitude is corresponding to different, so we need a set of device for judging more integrated monitoring parameters, to make the normal work of the crane, full load and overload, amplitude limit, amplitude limit of instructions and the working state of the corresponding alarm, tips, control, to ensure the normal operation of the hoisting machinery. This product combines electronic technology, microcomputer technology and lifting machine technology.

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