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    QCX stroke limiter

    QCX travel limiters are required to meet the requirements of imported products. Stroke limiter can be widely used in construction, ports, mining and other industries of lifting, transport machinery space three-dimensional control and limit, limit apparatus has small volume, function, high precision, adjustable limit, strong commonality and maintenance the characteristics such as easy to install and use.

    The stroke limiter adopts adjustable mechanism memory structure, reliable performance and high sensitivity. The main technical parameters are as follows:

    Work environment

    Ambient temperature: 233 ~ 328 k (40 ~ + 55 ° C)

    Relative humidity: no more than 90%

    Altitude: no more than 2500m

    Ratio: 1:13-960

    Repeat location accuracy:

    Memory error of CAM"s rotating Angle is not greater than 0.005 rad (0.3 °)

    Rated voltage: 125 to 250V DC: 30V

    Rated current: 6A

    Control circuit: the standard design circuit is 1 ~ 4, which can be increased to 5 ~ 6 control loop according to the user"s needs.

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