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    Daqing Huali Machinery Manufacturing

    The machinery industry February monthly

    Output grew by 32.03% year on year 2007 machinery industry machinery industry federation officially released in February 2007, machinery industry statistics, gross value of industrial output end at 73040.48 73040 yuan, up 32.03% from a year earlier. Sales reached 71338.93 billion yuan, up by 31.86% year on year, a year-on-year increase of 1.97 percentage points, a record high in recent years. From the seven industries, the two industries of engineering machinery and machine tools were the fastest growing, with 42.91% and 36.89% respectively.

    Machinery industry federation clearly put forward in 2008, the main task of China machinery industry federation chairman said in 2008, the main task of the machinery industry are: choice of casting, forging, heat treatment, the internal combustion engine, juki, bearings and other six industry to carry out the investigation, energy saving and emission reduction energy-saving measures are put forward. Ensure that 1 million v ac power transmission and transformation, and pure terephthalic acid (PTA) equipment, million kilowatts (the second generation advanced), the key equipment of nuclear power development in countries such as the completion of key projects and major projects. Visible future energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, high voltage power grid equipment, heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing industry should be accelerated, the industry"s leading companies should deserve attention.

    The net profit of the special electrician in 2007 was 1.3 times higher than that of 2007, with a net profit of 539 million yuan, while YOY grew by 134.3 percent and diluted earnings per share of 0.63 yuan per share. Change especially electrician handheld orders at present has more than 10 billion yuan, at the same time, the state grid and southern grid investment up 37.5% from 2007 in 2008, the growth rate of more than doubled in 2007, 2008, the market environment will be better than in 2007. The average earnings per share for 2008-10 is expected to be 0.69, 0.9 and 0.98 per share, compared with PE of 36.8 times in 2009 and a "prudent buy" rating.

    Force source hydraulic 07 year net profit of 108 million yuan, up 38.14% year on year force source hydraulic mid - 2007, belonging to the parent company net profit of 108 million yuan, up 38.14% from a year earlier, diluted earnings per share 0.64 yuan/share. The force source of hydraulic four main products in the domestic leading has obvious advantage, and the four kind of product is the equipment manufacturing industry to upgrade parts to upgrade in the process of development direction, has the indispensable important status and thus long-term growth prospects. So the company"s long-term growth is also highly desirable. In 2008-09, EPS is expected to be 0.86 and 1.12 yuan per share, which is 31 times for 2009 and a "prudent buy" rating.

    Investment advice: as the energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, high voltage power grid equipment, heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is upgrading of domestic machinery industry development direction, therefore continue to give machinery industry in the "buy" investment rating, focus on talking about the recommended stock still for shenyang machine tool, the heavens and the earth science and technology, change especially electrician, ses appliances and sany heavy industry.


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