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    Daqing Huali Machinery Manufacturing

    China"s gear industry has developed rapidly, striving for the highest ranking in the world.

    Gear products after nearly 10 years of development in our country has made great progress, many products have reached or close to international advanced level, but there are still a considerable part of the gear and transmission products, in terms of noise and vibration fatigue life and the disparity between the international advanced level, which is closely related to gear materials and heat treatment equipment and technology level. These problems have become a bottleneck in China"s gear production overtaking international standards.

    During the period of "11th five-year plan", China"s gear industry output value increased by 25 billion yuan to 50 billion yuan, an average growth rate of close to 20%, has doubled in five years, ranked fourth in the world, sales scale of hundreds of millions of dollars more than 50 enterprises, industry concentration increased significantly. In 2006, the annual output value of China"s gear industry was 59bn, of which the proportion of vehicle gears accounted for up to two-thirds. The automotive industry is an important support for the development of gear mould.

    As China"s gear industry scale is becoming mature, and gear downstream industries, such as the sustainable development of the automotive industry, gear output value of the industry in 2006-2010 will go in a 100 billion yuan, ranked "three for two" in the world, from 2011 to 2015, strive to "two for one" in the world.

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